All games boxarts are from VG Boxart credit is given at bottom

  1. 1 Sonic ForEver. Rouge has a new outfit. Eggman, Metal Sonic AND Shadow return as villains, Mighty is back baby! Play in the Chao Garden and many more! By Chaos Drako

Sonic Games 1 Chaos Drako

  1. 2 Sonic Riders 4: Space Riders. Chaos attacks the Riders through 8 planets! This game in space is unbelievable. By HyperShadow2008

Sonic Games 2

  1. 3 Oh Yeah Sonic Riders Second Lap. I know everyone wants this at least a little. New and old characters return. By Ayling

Sonic Games 3 Ayling

  1. 4 Sonic Party. I don't care what people think about this, this game is epic. Don't be fooled by only 3 characters on board but a ton more are here. By Hawpoka

Sonic Games 4 Hawpoka

  1. 5 Sonic Heroes: Team Scrapped. Mighty, Bean, and Ray are back! I know everyone wants this. What is Eggman up to this time? By ncocs

Sonic Games 5

  1. 6 Sonic Hero World Tour. Play some of the most evil enemies and play some great songs sing, guitar, or drums. By Cyberg1

Sonic Games 6

  1. 7 Sonic Super Sluggers. I know Sonictoast has made this already but I just love the idea of Sonic Baseball because of my love of baseball. By undead22.

Sonic Games 7

  1. 8 Silver the Hedgehog. You know how much I love SilvAze and now Silver, Blaze, Shadow, and Sonic must save the Super Chaos Emeralds before everything on this planet dies. By Master-chief-rocks-halo.

Sonic Games 9

  1. 9 Sonic and the Vampire Hunter Sonic and Bullet the Gun vs. Dracula. The Transylvania showdown begins now! Sonic Storybook Series. By KoopaDasher

Sonic Games 8

  1. 10 Sonic Demons. Eggman turns Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to Satan's demons is sheer brilliance. Who will save them though? Maybe Silver, Amy or Mighty? By NarutoSam1

Sonic Games 10