At the San-Diego Comic Con, a speed level from Rise of Lyric was shown. 


Before the speed level, you get to explore in a cave for some time. After coming out, you will face the Jungle. However, the speed level is short instead of the ususal long one. Which is another feather to Sega's trying-something-new cap. Apparantly there are some glitches in this level too, such as:

  • The characters feet falling through the floor. ( A simular problem occured when Segabits played the demo).
  • Falling into nothingness.

The article tells that the graphics have also improved, but the combat is weak.

Here's some other stuff I found. More voice actors for the new characters in Rise of Lyric and the Tv Show:

  • Mark Rolston as Lyric
  • Jeff Bennett as Fastidious Beaver
  • Fred Tatasciore as Pepper
  • Tom Kane as Mayor Fink.

Some of these may be true, so here's the reference: One of Sega's forums

- Blazing Flare