April 3rd 2015 marks a year since I have joined the Sonic News Network.

And how was it?

Well... It was like one of Sonic's adventures, doing stuff, (and learning along the way) making friends, and having fun. When I first joined in the chat, I was warmly welcomed by Ultrasonic 9000, and many others. 

I started to get in chat more often, making new friends, and having hilarious moments. (such as chat killing battles). Then I turned to editing, mostly comic articles, there were mistakes sure, but you know what they say, we learn from them!

Granted, a lot of things happened, like departures, and other sad/mad moments, but we did make it out alright, right?


...Okay moving on...

Advice? Well, uh don't give up on what you do, you need to keep going, no matter the situation.

There are a lot of users who have helped me and I had a lot of fun with, So I wanna say this: thank YOU for helping me and for all of those good times we had on chat ^_^ 

Too Short Didn't Read: Free food from the SSN Fridge. Cheers! :P

Blazing Flare - Let the Games Begin!