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Well there was something at E3 yesterday. Someone from the Sonic Stadium found this blackboard, dubbed 'The Sonic Boom Blackboard'. It appears to be from Tail's workshop, and it seems that Tails is trying to study Eggman's robots, as well as making a little robotic buddy to join the heroes. ( Wait a minute...

There's some funny stuff in that board too, Sonic, Amy and Knuckles grabbed a piece of Chalk each and 'helped' (at least Amy did, it's kinda hard to tell if she even wrote in that or not.) Tails out. 'Especially' Knuckles XD.


  • Blue Chalk: Sonic.
  • Pink Chalk: Amy.
  • Red Chalk: Knuckles.
  • Yellow Chalk: Tails.

Click here to check it out!

Tails's buddy bot ( We'll call it that for now) is pictured at the way end of the blackboard, unfortunately, it isn't very clear... but from what I can make out is... It has very simular designs to THIS concept art-

My guess is that it MAY appear in the show. We can't be too sure if it will appear or not. The legs are very simular to Metal Sonic's legs though...

Well, whaddaya think?


The Emerl look-a-like! (No that dosen't sound right...)

- Blazing Flare