Rise of Lyric is a little bit more clearer now. An interview with Big Red Button's Mark Vernon explains it all.

Video reference: Sonic Stadium)

An Overall Summary:

The Chaos Emeralds of Sonic Boom: That's right, they are called  Chaos Crystals, and you need to collect nine of them.

Time Travel: You will be travelling to the Past and the Future in this game.

Upgrades and Abilities: As seen in the videos, once you defeat an enemy, you collect some parts. Well some of these may be used for upgrades, such as the "Freeze Rod", used to freeze enemies. These can be only used once though.

Corrections on release date: Vernon said it will be sometime half November.

And yes, there's another level name: The underwater base level will be called "Ancient Template" there are also hidden levels shown in the video! The base could be the very level in which Sonic and Amy find a Crystal, and run away from a giant robot guardian.

Plus, some more toys!

What do you think of this so far?

-Blazing Flare