WARNING: THIS COULD BE REAL OR FAKE. BROWSE AT YOUR OWN RISK (or just put some spoiler glasses).

Many of you may have known about several designs for the show Sonic Boom, As well as spotting two characters that LOOK like Marine and Emel,(Oh great, that error in Sonic X has got me saying it now)

Then this picture was found in the new photos in this wiki area, ( Credits to Sonamyfan666 for finding this). You can see that the character is in this poster, but bear with me on this one, THIS COULD BE A FAKE... 

As for the 5th character though, you may think it's Marine (from the Sonic Rush Adventure game), but Mike Pollock says that this character is not her. I think you can find out over here.

Although both Marine and this 5th character have the same fur color, the hairstyles are different, so this MAY not be Marine.

Sonic Boom Poster

NOTE: this was found from the Sonic Stadium

I went to The Sonic Stadium  website and found out that someone called janator06 has been credited for posting this on instagram. So this has been leaked.

I found another picture, posted by the same person, but the verdict is that these could be that This could be a fake also, OR this may be the offical artwork for Sonic Boom, just used for his own poster making. I'm just going to put this here just for you to see.

Another one but fake

This looks good, but it may not be real. Wait a minute, is it me, or did sonic's scarf color change?!

Let me know your views. If this is ACTUALLY REAL, then things could get interesting.

I think this would be a good idea to classify this as a rumour.

Update: Found a 3rd poster possibily made by the same guy. It has a Star Wars Lego version theme as the background. Although this is not really official, I am just going to put this here for you to take a look.



Update#2: Well strewth!

I found This video in the Sonic Stadium site, this was posted by a You Tuber under the name of Jay Stroud. He claims that the first poster, (with the Marine look-a-like) is his. 

Sonic Boom Poster

A clear shot of the first poster from the video. Credits to Silverdahedgehog06 for finding this.

Despite the video is in low resolution, the image looks clear and a bit more realistic. More importantly, it also gives a clear shot of the 5th character, and more differences can be found as such:
  • The hairstyles are different (as mentioned earlier)
  • Eye color is diffrerent (CGI image shows the character having indigo eye color, while Marine has a brighter blue eye color.)
  • Less clothes are worn.
  • No gloves, ( there are bandages on her fingers)
  • ...And her tail's thinner.

But the question we have in mind is: IS THIS POSTER A FAN MADE CREATION AS WELL? No doubt that the second and third ones were made just for fun, but many of us say that the first one looks real. The person in the video does not say anything else about this poster being fan made. My hunch is that this MAY be a fake. Do you have any second thoughts as well?

There is a Rumour thread about this topic. Go and check it out.

Update#3: YOU TUBE ALERT! This comment was found from our "photos on this wiki" area. It may be from that video Jay posted.
The Case of Jay Stroud - Owner of the Sonic Boom Poster - YouTube


The new hunch is that this guy's dad's friend made it. I don't know if that is true, but could that person be working for Big Red Button/SEGA?

I went to that same video, and Mike Pollock dropped another bomb with this comment:

The sonic boom poster is mine - YouTube

Well whaddaya know.

He MAY know who the 5th character is. Curiouser and Curiouser! As Alice would say. The suspence is killing me. There is now the possibility that the first poster is REAL. (Credits to Candy55101 for finding the Jay comment and the Mike Pollock comment pictures).

I... don't know what to say.

Update# HOW MANY ARE THERE?! : Guess what, Mike Pollock himself said that the first of the three posters is authentic. You may wonder what that word means. Well I got the definition for you-

Authentic, adjective:

  1. Not false or copied, genuine, real.

​Let's stick with the first one please.

So we now know that:

  • The Marine Look-a-like character is coming to Sonic Boom. But WHICH Sonic Boom? The Game? Or the Show? 
  • Maybe the background of the first poster may be used for the Game.
  • The other two posters are obviously fake.
  • That's it.

I'm gonna think that The 5th character will come to the show, because The posters are done in CGI, and secondly, Sonic is wearing the same communicator watch he wore during that mini trailer of the TV show.

Sonic Boom- Coming in the Fall 2014.

- Blazing Flare.