This blog post is about the odd/funny/incredibly stupid moments and everything Sonic Boom related. Put in the 'best way possible'.

Don't ask me why this isn't in a thread.
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Boom

Dem arms.


Dat redesign

Sonic Spin Boom-000:11

Sonic Spin Boom-0

Dis video.

The video credit goes to AestheticGamer.

Sonic Boom Amy 2

Dat Smile

Dem Faces:

Tumblr ndpq3csB001slm538o1 250

Dat Bowtie

Now in a better version!!!

File:Tumblr nc150yKQvC1sld8yao2 250.png

Dark shadow

Shadow: MY EYES!

Are chu okaY

What's with Sonic?


Lol sticks

Dat wide mouth

Derpy Sticks

Derpy Sticks from Shattered Crystal's intro.

This post will be updated frequently if any odd/funny/incredibly stupid moments are found.

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