We finally have some Sonic news! (Well, sorta...)

The CDM company had a tweet, saying that Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice toys will be coming to Carls Jr. on October 7th and to Hardee's on October 5th! (Both are fast food restaurants in the US). Now the tweet is deleted though, not sure why, but the Carl's Cool Kids site still has the annoucement.

The strange part is, we get news about the promotion of toys, but Fire and Ice was announced back in... June. It's been almost 2-3 months and we don't have much info about the game, (Except it's for the 3DS. there's bot racing, and Pontac and Graff are writing the story.)

What do you think about this?


Apparently the Toys are already released now and here they are:

  • CarlsSonicBoomKids
    Splat Ball – See Sonic Boom characters on this soft, squishy ball. 
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Figure – This rolling Sonic the Hedgehog figure really shines! 
  • Board Game – You can play as Sonic, Tails, Sticks, Amy or Knuckles! Be the first to reach the end and win, but watch out for enemy attacks.
  • Communicator with Secret Compartment – Lift the top off of this wristband to reveal a secret compartment. 

​The site also has two wallpapers, a coloring page and a tracing activity.

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