SEGA continues to roll in more suprises on us!

They have made another mobile game and it's a sequel to Sonic Dash,Welcome everyone to Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom! You'll be playing as the Sonic Boom characters, and there are other adjustments as well-

  • You'll be using the enerbeam in this game, you'll tilt your phone to control it.
  • You'll be sliding on rails also.
  • There are new special powers to attack new badniks. For instance you'll use Amy's Hammer, and Knuckles' Jump up and Slam attack.
  • And a new feature, you'll collect things called Sprites, and evolve them.

There's special prizes to earn, new events and daily SEGA challenges in this game.

EDIT: Here's some gameplay to see what it looks like.


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