No, I don't have a comic today, But I do have some information.

I checked the "What's New' area, and it turns out that there is going to be an Easter themed Global Challenge on Sonic Dash. (for the iOS and Android). We are going to collect Easter Eggs, and when we complete the challenge on time, we will unlock a new character. (My guess is Cream. What's yours?) You can also share your run to the world with a recording feature!

There's more updates to Sonic Dash S though, and here they are:

・Shorter Stages・Beach course・Removed Spring Tricks・Noon/afternoon/night/morning Stages・Medals to trigger bonus mode・Stage information & skill icons on HUD・Blaze & 3 Chao・Updated skills・Ring bonus based on collection of Chao・New Chao via Chao Roulette・New Items・Updated Roulette prizes・Score increased using Energies・100 Rings by offering/collecting presents (Energies)・Campaign Info button (Home screen)・New invite rewards・Reset friend list. (Copied from TSSZ). 

I don't know when the challenge starts though. So, you up for it?

Blazing Flare