I may be late on this, but here goes.

A few days ago, I browsed into Sonic Stadium and found this:

It turns out, that this is the leaked Script for the rumoured Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Here is the plot:

Dr Eggman is an alien who invades the earth with his army of robots. Earth’s military forces are quickly defeated, Eggman now rules the entire world in a brutal and oppressive dictatorship. Those who disobey him are sent to be Roboticized. 

In order to turn the fight, the humans initiate ‘Project Sonic,’ Sonic is a genetically modified/enhanced creature who is a combination of various animal DNA, which means he is able to travel at super sonic speeds and curl up into a near indestructible ball capable of shattering Eggman’s robots. 

Due to Sonic’s lack of experience, the leader of the military instructs a young teenage boy named ‘Miles Prower,’ to take him on some less dangerous missions in order to prepare Sonic for his purpose, that being to take out the heart of the Eggman Empire. However, during a mission debrief, Sonic & Miles discover that Eggman is building a secret weapon of mass destruction called ‘The Death Egg’ and it’s powered by something called ‘Chaos Radiation.’ Fearing this weapon could make him invincible, Sonic & Miles head out to try and destroy it before it can come operational in less than 3 days time.

To be honest, it sounds a little odd, considering that:

  1. Eggman is an alien
  2. Miles Prower is not a Fox, but a teenage boy
  3. Sonic is a Genetically modified creature, reminding us of someone who we know too well.
  4. Amy is a Human researcher, not a Hedgehog.

Well this could get interesting. Here are more scripts in the wrong places. And mixed up. (Sorry about that). In case If this is an April Fools Joke: Let me know.

*SPOILERS END HERE* -Blazing Flare.