(Note: I actually joined the wiki on April 3rd. I'm making this in advance since I won't be here on that day.)

Oh boy it's been a while.

April 3rd 2017 marks 3 years since I joined the Sonic wiki. (I missed my second year anniversary lel). I can say it has been a ride, with the hype for the two Sonic games. Although nowadays, I'm more active in the Sonic Stadium, looking at what's happening with the games and other stuff in various threads and statuses. I'm sometimes active on Tumblr, for drawing, and posting thoughts about Sonic Boom season 2. 

I pop in here once in a while,though these days, it's pretty quiet. I don't use Discord chat at all, (weird net connection issues) and some of me friends I knew have left. I remember some of the shenanigans we had in the older chat. I may not be as active as I used to be... but I do some edits time and again when I come.

I feel that most of my time here last year was spent undoing some of the vandal edits that happened, which got me the rollback feature. I am grateful to the votes recieved! ^_^

The reveals for both Sonic games were pretty hype. But I am cautiously optimisitic about Sonic Forces, the theme tune is epic, and visually, the gameplay is pretty. I hope we get to see more of Forces as the year goes by. I don't play that much Classic Sonic games that much, but the thing I can say about Mania is that it's level design is so detailed, with many references and other asthetics. Studiopolis' music is still good. I am enjoying the Sonic Boom cartoon as well, I feel that Season 2 is a step up from Season one, with better animation and music references.

Here's to more stuff happening in later years!