(Lol everyone seems to be making comics these days)

So Worlds Unite is finally over and I got one idea during that time.

Worlds Unite Bloopers

Odd scanning? Check!

The First panel is obviously based on the first panel of this page.

And I used a different set of color pencils so some of the colors look not so good, and slightly merged because of the scanning. (You may have to tilt your laptop to see the thing).

Also, this is my first time drawing Mega Man characters so some poses may look odd...

My thoughts on Worlds Unite? Well I have to say, it was way too crowded, the art in Acts 1 and 3 were good, and I liked X's character. 

I think the reason why the Werehog was not there was because there was no space, or the writers weren't sure what to do with him...

Alternative title: SONIC Y U NO WEREHOG?

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