This one is a bit late, but whatever.

This week's episode is Dude, Where is my Eggman?

The episode starts with Orbot and Cubot lying in the middle of Eggman's living room with no memory of what happened yesterday. They look around and they notice that Eggman is nowhere to be found, so they decide to go looking for him while at the same time trying to regain their lost memories.

Many people (including me) requested Orbot and Cubot to get their own episode and now we finally got one. And it's a pretty good one too with plenty of funny moments. My personal favorite is pretty much the entirety of Knuckles' Fantasy Scene. Complete with Knuckles going Super Saiyan. And of course we can't forget about Eggman.

The ending is also pretty funny, but I'm not gonna spoil it here.

I give this one a 4/5