Late, late, laaaaaaaaaate...

This week's episode is COWBOT

While Sonic and his friends are hanging out, Dr, Eggman shows up to attack them with a cow robot named Cowbot. You can pretty much guess the heroes' reaction.  Anyway, unfortunatly, Eggman says that if the cowbot is destroy, it could blow up everything in sight, so Tails attempted to defeat it by reprogramming it. But then the robot decides to destroy Eggman instead of destroying Sonic so the big have to work together to disable Cowbot without destroying it.

This is another very funny episode. Especially with Sonic, Tails and Eggman working off of each other. Knuckles and Sticks even got some good laughs despite not having much screen time.


I'll give this one a 4. The next thing I'm looking foward to is a Knuckles episode, the only character left.