This is it. The moment we've all be waiting for/not care of since the year began.


And already lots of people have watched it somewhere online.

Can't stop what's inevitable.

Anyway, I watched the first two episodes of Sonic Boom. At first I thought they were just gonna be average, but still enjoyable. After watching them, however, I actually was legitimately entertained and wanted to continue watching the show. It wasn't anything special, but it was still a fun ride from beginning to end.

Before we talk about those two episodes, however, we need to talk about the intro.


It's extremely short and to the point.



Okay then, let's begin.

The first episode is THE SIDEKICK

This episode was pretty enjoyable. The plot is very basic and certainly has been done before, but I think it's handled quite well here. After Tails almost gets killed during a battle against Dr. Eggman and Burnbot (who doesn't shoot fire until the near the end), Sonic decides to retire him and look for a new sidekick so Tails would never be in danger again. This quickly turns into a competition against Tails (who wants his job back) and Eggman (who wants to become Sonic's sidekick just so he can destroy him). Oh there is also that beaver who is a complete cowardly jerk who has nothing important to do in this episode.

Like I said, this is a very basic plot, but I really do think the show does a fair job with it. Especially since this episode quickly establishes Sonic, Tails and Eggman, who have always been the big three of the Sonic Franchise. The hero, the sidekick and the villain. The animation is very good, but the jokes are a bit hit and miss. Some are very good like Amy and Knuckles' Sidekick Performances while some are not so good like Burnbot. Nevertheless, I really liked this episode and I will give it a 3.5 out of 5.


AKA the title that sums up the entire episode.

Dr. Eggman's base is destroyed during a storm and now he, Orbot and Cubot are forced to live with Sonic and Tails until his base is rebuilt. Is he telling the truth or is this another evil scheme?


Seriously, whaddya think?

Predictable plot aside, this episode is just as enjoyable as the previous one. This one kinda serves to introduce the new character Sticks. Her introduction could have used a little less Plot reminder. Despite that, I actually really like Sticks and I am looking forward to see her in future episodes. The jokes here are, in my opinion, better than the first episode. The best part is Amy's performance, which really made me laugh out loud. Final score? Another 3.5 out of 5.

Already we are off to a pretty good start. The characters are likable and quickly established (Though Sticks could have been handled better), the animation is very very good, some of the jokes are actually funny and it's pretty well paced (Not too fast and not too slow).

Overall, I say give it a watch. If you like it, great. If you don't like it, oh well. As for me, I'll be reviewing every future episode that comes out every week. I'll also be reviewing Sonic Boom : The Rise of Lyric very soon.