The latest two episodes of Sonic Boom have aired today.

The third episode is TRANSLATE THIS

This episode is about Tails making a new small robot named Universal-Translator (U-T for short). As the name implies, this robot can translate any language into English. Not only that, but it can also read the minds of English speaking people, which causes U-T to start revealing the thoughts of Tails' friends and make them argue. When Dr. Eggman learns about this, he decides to steal the robot and replace it with a replica that would say whatever Eggman wants him to say in order to fully divide the team.

This is another enjoyable episode which kinda serves as a true introduction to Tails' skills as a mechanic, but there are two things that should be noted. The first thing is that the show itself seems to like foreshadowing things that would help the heroes win. For example, in the second episode, the was a scene where again starts pillow-fighting. Later near the end, Sonic picks up a metal plate and uses it to defeat Obliteratorbot just like it was a pillow. In this episode, we see Sticks and Knuckles playing volleyball together and they later use that to win. Compare to the jokes, the writers clearly know a thing or too about subtlety. They just are subtle about everything.

The other thing to point out is that, yes, this is the episode where Sonamy is hinted.

U-T : Shut that thing up before it tells Sonic that I loooo...*shutdown*

Later, when Sonic saves Amy from Eggman's new robot, U-T reads Sonic's mind and says.

U-T : I care about your well-being

I'm honestly curious about which direction the show will take this.

Overall, I give this episode a 4/5

The fourth episode is BUSTER

The group decides to have Sticks get herself a pet so she can learn to treat animals better. The animal she finds is a slimy robot dog that may or may not have been built by Eggman. Hi-jinx ensues.

To me, this is the true episode meant to introduce Sticks, since it really does a better those than the second episode. Aside from that, however, there's not really much to talk about. Other than the fact that Sticks has pretty much grown on me at this point.

I give it a 3/5