MY FAIR STICKSY is about Sticks saving a town from a meteor shower and being invited to a gala in the process. However Sticks (obviously) doesn't know how to act lady-like so Amy decides to help her out by teaching her.

This one is another good Sticks episode, but it also happens to be the third one we've have. I do like Sticks, but I hope they don't make too many episodes out of her. The only thing I need to touch on is Knuckles.

So far the show actually does a pretty good job with him being stupid. I personally didn't like the idea at first, but they still manage to make Knuckles likable and they did gave him some good lines. Especially in this episode. Seriously, Knuckles should be classy and British more often.

Other than that...I have nothing else to say. 3.5/5

FORTRESS OF SQUALITUDE is an Eggman and Amy episode. It's about Eggman trying to redecorate his lair so it will be featured in a magazine, but when a critic pans him (because, in fiction, all critics are jerks), he decides to have Amy help him out. Amy accepts, but only because the others don't seem to appreciate her skills.

At this point, I can easily point out that Sonic, Amy and Eggman are my favorite characters on the show. Amy and Eggman both do very well in this episode and they both deliver some funny lines. I give this one a 4/5

I am aware that my reviews are becoming shorter, but for a comedy show like Sonic Boom, that's pretty much what you would expect. Not every episode has a lot of things to talk about. The games may not have been well received, but the show itself is definitely doing well.