Only one episode this time since, for some reason, the eight episode had been delayed.

Time to review DOUBLE DOOMSDAY.

This episode is about Dr. Eggman hiring an unpaid intern named Dave to work for him. Dave is pretty much an Eggman fanboy and wants to do evil things with him, but when Eggman wanted to make him start at the bottom, he went nuts and activated a doomsday device to blow up the world.

As if this wasn't insane enough, Eggman decided to activate another doomsday just to compete with him. So Sonic and Tails have to work together to save the world.

This entire episode is pretty stupid, but in a fun and entertaining way. The only thing to critique here is that it almost looked like Orbot and Cubot would have an important role here, but they didn't. So far, these two (along with Knuckles) are the only main characters who haven't been on the spotlight. Hopefully they will in future episodes.

I give this one a 3.5/5