Sonic Boom is finally back.

Time to review the 9th episode, GUILT TRIPPING.

After hoverboarding through the jungle, Sonic and Tails came across a Gogoba village being ransacked by some bandits. After taking care of them, the Gogobas wanted Sonic and Tails to stay to celebrate, but when they tried to leave, the Gogobas essentially guilt trip them into stay due to how vulnerable they are. Now the duo have to figure out a wait to ditch them.

This episode was decent for the most part until Eggman made a sudden appearance near the end. As we all know by now, Eggman is by far the funniest character on the show. The scene where Sonic reads phone messages sent by Eggman was hilarious. Not only is it unexpected, but it's made even funnier when he actually shows up soon after to attack.

Aside from that, though, this episode is mostly decent. I give it a 3.5