We finally reached the month where both the Sonic Boom games and the Sonic Boom TV Show will be released. Now I can finally prepare to do something I have been planning to do ever since both of them where announced at the beginning of the year : A review of both of them.

First off, I'll review the first two episodes of Sonic Boom which will both air on November 8th. Then I will review all the upcoming episodes when they will arrive. I'm not gonna have a fixed schedule for them. When an episode airs, a review of it will come out some time after.

The first two episodes of Sonic Boom are Sidekick and Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Weeks?. Both episodes are shown to have very basic plots. Sonic wants a new sidekick to keep Tails from harm and Dr. Eggman is forced to live with the heroes for a while. So it looks like Sonic Boom is gonna start on the simpler side, which I guess it's fitting since it's a comedy show. By the looks of it, however, it doesn't sound bad. Not great, but nothing horrible. Actually, this is exactly how I expected the show to start. What I can say so far is that both the animation and most of the characterizations are pretty good while the humor is pretty mixed. Some jokes do work, while some are just meh in my opinion. But still, I think I'm gonna enjoy this show on it's own merits, just like I did with all the previous Sonic shows. Speaking of them, I might do some comparisons to the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog in the reviews, since a Sonic comedy show has been done before.

After the shows finally airs, we have the two Sonic Boom games. However, just like my review of Sonic Lost World a long time ago, I am only gonna review the Wii U version of the game : Sonic Boom, The Rise of Lyric. I actually am legitimately for it. Yes it does look different then the previous Sonic games, but for me personally, I never had a problem with that. I actually like to see companies mixing things up and trying something new. It may not always work, but they do put effort into it. I think that's the main reason why I like Sonic Boom as a whole. It's like an all new challenge. I want to explore and find all the good than can come from it as well as the flaws, which is the reason why I wanted to start this review series to begin with.

The gameplay looks fun and varied. All the characters have different abilities that enables each of them to reach certain places that other characters can't go. Being able to play as other characters besides Sonic is something I really miss. It will have platforming segments, puzzles segments, beat-em-up segments, speed segments and maybe more. It just looks like my type of game.

So yeah, I really am looking forward to work on all those reviews and post them here for everyone to see. With that said, I'll probably see you all again in a week.

BlueFlametheAman Emperor of Chaos(talk) 15:02, November 1, 2014 (UTC)

EDIT : I've been reading the article of the first episode, Sidekicks. And it definitly did not disappoint me. The plot is indeed very basic and it has been used before. But really, it doesn't sound awful. It's just a typical kids show episode. No more, no less. If I have to give it a score, it would be a 3/5, which for me would mean Okay. Exactly how I thought it would be.