Hello everyone. There's something I would like to discuss with all of you today. It might be rather obvious considering the title, but I have been contemplating this for several months now. However, I realized that this needs to happen, therefore I am officially announcing my retirement from the Sonic News Network wiki. I've done these type of blogs before, and both you and I know that I inevitably did not leave, but this time is for the greater good.

Just why am I retiring? Here's the thing; my real life needs more focus than a wiki about an anthropomorphic hedgehog. I need to prepare for college, I need to keep up with my grades, I need to get a job, I need to buy a car, and so on. I could list on individual reasons, but I'm sure most of you know what my current dilemma is. I'm one of the few students who can't drive nor has a car, thus blocking me from having a relationship with someone (yeah, yeah, go ahead and say you don't care), since I have this motto that I will not date anyone who can drive and/or has a car, because... well, it doesn't need to be elaborated. Women don't pick up guys from dates. It's just so... weird.

I don't have a job, like I said, is another huge point. I want to be able to learn the basics of how to earn money and such. I've had a job before, but I want to try again, this time, at least, to the end of high school. My grades are another point; as an A-B student, I'm doing decent this year, but not of my expectations.

But, when will I be leaving? That I don't know for sure. I've been contemplating on reaching 45,000 edits to have an even edit count before I depart (yeah, I have OCD lol), and I've been contemplating on staying here until October 17th, 2014, otherwise being my third wikiversary. Whichever comes first will be the day you may strip me from my administrator rights, and the day you will not see "BlueSpeeder" pop up on the Recent Wikia Activity.

As for a final note, I wanted to express my gratitude to all of you. Honorable mentions include Shadowunleashed13, MetalMickey272, FreeSmudger, Time Biter, CariconCommander, SonicTheHedgehogDude, SpyroSonic2000, Sacorguy79, Pacmansonic138, BlueFlametheAman, SplashTheHedgehog, NOS Sterling, Krazy Company, Sesn and a special thank you to Ultrasonic9000. Keep the wiki stylish, please.

Not going to lie; I love pretty much most of the users I've came into contact with. You've all given me something to share, something to learn, and more knowledge (including typing on a keyboard without looking at the key pad) that I might be able to use in my future endeavors. See you guys. It's... It's been a fun ride. ;) - BlueSpeeder (talk) 21:20, September 17, 2014 (UTC)