Well, I was a bit shocked. I meant to say this earlier, but I wanted to wait for more information before I make a news blog about this. So, Archie Comics has recently decided to make it's own "After-The-Credits" scene with the Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man comic series'. In other words, the regular cover will have the regular story, unaltered. However, the variant cover will have an alternate ending. It's basically to boost up sales and make the reader want to buy both covers. Now, what issues will be affected, and, more importantly, are they canon? Well, I'll let Paul Kaminski answer that for you:

"It’s become a staple for superhero films over the last decade – waiting until the credits finish rolling for that one, last awesome easter egg that can change your entire perception of the story – or tease what’s next. Archie’s ‘After the Credits Month’ takes what you love about those movies and brings them back to comics. The initiative spans the entire Archie Action Line in May, including SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC UNIVERSE and MEGA MAN, with fans getting scenes at the very end of each issue – after the credits, natch – that tease all of the spoilerific details of what’s coming up. The best part? Both the regular and variant editions of each comic will feature DIFFERENT ‘After the Credits’ scenes! So bust out the popcorn, visit your local comic shop and prepare for your jaws to drop!"

Then, the issues that will be affected by this treatment will be Sonic the Hedgehog #259, Sonic Universe #62, and Mega Man #36. And, to make everything clear, the endings are canon. Pages one to nineteen will be the same, but the final page will not. In fact, thanks to Comics Alliance, we have unfinished panels of the alternate endings! Check it out below! And, what do you think of this formula? Will you buy both covers to get the whole story? Me, personally, not for all of them. Probably for Mega Man #36 since those comics are really getting interesting at this point.

Oh, and if you look closely at the Mega Man #36 unfinished page on the advertisement above, you can see Dr. Cain in his archeological outfit barely. FORESHADOWING!