Howdy fellow users. After I found a trend (which started by this user, so I'll give credit where it's due) that was pretty interesting, I decided to continue it with a question for you Sonic the Hedgehog fans: "What might be your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog series soundtrack?"

For Sonic fans, soundtrack is one thing that pops up in games that all fans can actually agree with; no matter how terrible the game was, everyone can agree that the soundtrack is superb. Whether it be the lukewarm reviews of Sonic Lost World or the "everybody loves" Sonic Adventure 2 (personally, I don't like the soundtrack of the latter, so sue me), the Sonic soundtrack is one of gaming's best, and personally, I agree. So, now, I'll share my personal opinion.

For me, my favorite Sonic soundtrack would have to be the entire score from Sonic Unleashed. Call that game garage, fine, your opinion. But, I personally think it's better than all of the Sonic soundtracks. Why? Because you get that give of the world you're exploring; from the jazzy, Arabic tunes from Shamar, to the fast-paced-violin from Spagonia, this soundtrack has everything. Also, you got to LOVE that opening cutscene music!

Now, let's hear it from you my fellow amigos! What is your favorite Sonic soundtrack?