Hello everyone. It has come to my attention that after getting StH #250 a few days ago, the issue was awesome and gave a few previews to what we'll be seeing for both Sonic's world, Mobius, and Mega Man's world, Earth. These previews had included Ra Moon holding Earth with its tentacles inside the planet. While Mobius... Well, se for yourself.

Destroyed Mobius Perhaps

Yeah, it appears Mobius will have some MAJOR consequences after the post-Worlds Collide event. But, I have other theories. With the Ken Penders case resolved right now, this could set back, possibly eliminate beloved characters of the comic franchise. Now SEGA-Sonic characters are protected, so don't expect to say "ERMADGOSH SONIC IZ DEAD!" but maybe all of Penders-characters are "gone" from the series now, I guess it could be possible that Eggman and Wily have really done it this time. I will let each of you discuss your thoughts and opinions on this disaster that will happen in the comics.