Hey everyone! I have a thought and something interesting to share with you guys. I decided to scan through the official Sonic Lost World website, I found an interesting description about the new Wisps scheduled to appear on Sonic Lost World:

Quotation1 New and improved Color Powers. Sonic can now fly through the air, tear up levels and explode into enemies. He's more powerful than ever! Quotation2

Okay, while reading this, and getting the information from today about new Wisps, it's obvious that the first two are Crimson Eagle and Indigo Asteroid, respectively. But, the last part, about a Color Power that "explode(s) into enemies"? Sounds like we got another new Wisp coming right up.

Speaking of Wisps, if you haven't heard, the Crimson Wisp along with its Color Power, and the Magenta Wisp with its Color Power were revealed today. My thoughts on these Wisps? The Crimson Eagle looks amazing, in my opinion. As for the Magenta Wisp... Well, it looks fine, I guess. The Indigo Wisp and its Color Power look rather fine to me, as well.

But this leads me to an idea: if you could make any Wisp, any color (if the color has been taken, its fine), any ability, what would it be? Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

From the guy who likes Shard the Metal Sonic,
BlueSpeeder (talk)