For those of you reading this blog, be aware that this blog contains information dating back to several forums, chat discussions, and talk pages. Also, be aware that BlueSpeeder is not hurting your feelings if this blog somehow does.

Hey everyone. In case you're wondering, today is my second wikiversary (an anniversary for users). And of course, I feel like I need to tell about how this year has been towards me. This year was phenomenal; some moments were epic, others were disappointing. So, if you'll allow me to tell about my second year on Sonic News Network.

Truly, I had more fun editing this summer than I did anything else. Sounds boring and makes it seem like I'm a couch potato, but in truth, I was very active during the summer. After all, two-a-days were going on late-August, so yeah. It was hot and infuriating. :P

Not only that, but I made 10,000 edits during June through August (prior to my block, I'll explain). Not only that, but I managed to succeed in getting Rollback, Chat Moderator, and Administrator roles during my second year. Sounds like a accomplishment, right? Well, I'm back to a Rollback, and I feel like it's better for me to stay were I am at this time. But, what stopped me from getting to know the wiki better was my block.

Now, for those who are not aware of my block, I'll briefly explain: remember this forum? As you can tell, I was not behaving my best as I should have nor was I doing a positive job as an Administrator. That was the only reason I demoted myself (well, technically, he did it with my permission). But, the day AFTER I was demoted I was blocked for "meat-puppetry". And then, I was blocked during my first block for "sock-puppetry". Now, what's the reason behind this? I'll explain in my explanation.

See, I was blocked the first time because I made MobiusWalker support and state stuff on the forum to make others have sympathy for me. In truth, all of those stories of Mobius being my neighbor was a lie. There, I stated it. He is in truth my step-brother. And why I didn't want anyone to know he is my brohter is because I would feel ashamed that his father and my mother were engaged. Mobius was my neighbor at one point before his father and my mother were engaged, but that is a story I shouldn't go into detail about.

Did Mobius go on the wiki and supported the forum because I told him to? Absolutely not. He noticed I was acting stressed because of the forum and my personal problem between my mother and his father getting married. He talked to me about what was going on, and I told him what I just told you right now. And what does he do? He goes on the forum, makes a few paragraphs (most were lies, by the way), and supports the forum. Did I tell him to do that? I told him not to do that whatsoever. And because of that, me and him were blocked.

Now the sock-puppetry part. The whole incident here is that I used my bot account to edit the wiki. Why did I do it? Do you really want me to be honest? If so, read the following: I honestly felt, at the current time period, that if I left the wiki, the wiki would barely hold itself apart. Sure, we have Ultra who maintains the wiki all the time, but I felt that the administrators were slacking. Literally, I'll be completely honest at this point: out of the thirteen administrators/bureaucrats we have, only three actually help the wiki. The others either made/comment on blogs consistently or stay on chat and are inactive for the most part. I mean not to hurt anyone's feelings at this point: you have already hurt mine worst.

What's more? Not the Game Templates (I think it's doing a splendid job right now, the whole arguing was for nothing). Not my block. It's the fact that since my block expiration, no one seems to see me as MYSELF for who I am, not who I was acting. About most of the users don't trust me. Some don't even talk to me anymore. Some don't even BELIEVE me. Geez, I was accused of something stupid doesn't mean you can act like jerks to me. Not saying you guys are jerks, but I'm exaggerating at this point. I've let out everything I've finally wanted to say for a long time.

And that comes to my final part: I have decided to officially retired Sonic News Network for good after I finish several projects that I have yet to finish. It's quite sad to admit, but I've had so much fun on this wiki. The friends I've made. The memories I made. The knowledge I learned. I'm doing this for the best. Besides, I doubt anyone will miss me. I just have my thoughts and accusions.

Listen to this. This is the theme I think fits best with my entire Sonic News Network experience. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for helping me with my self-esteem issues. Thanks for making my life the best, even when I feel like crap. Sayonara, Sonic News Network.

BlueSpeeder (talk) 21:56, October 17, 2013 (UTC)