Hello, there Sonic fans! It's BlueSpeeder, who has something he wants to share with the wiki. I would put this on a forum, but considering we have too many at the current moment, I rather not. Recently, while I was on one of my editing sprees (couldn't help to add that XP), I kept on going through categories to find my answers on several articles. This is a bit difficult sometimes to search for something specific, but then I got to thinking; several other wikis such as the Disney Wiki have templates that include everything of a certain subject, such as characters, locations, groups, etc. For this idea, I decided we should use that same idea, only use it for the Sonic games.

In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, here's a brief example via using Sonic Colors:

Sonic Colors

Consoles: Nintendo Wii | Nintendo DS

Characters: Sonic | Tails | Dr. Eggman | Yacker | Orbot | Cubot | Cream** | Cheese** | Milk** | Knuckles** | Rouge** | Vector** | Espio** | Charmy** | Amy** | Big** | Omega** | Shadow**

Wisps: White | Cyan | Yellow | Orange | Blue* | Green* | Pink* | Purple* | Nega | Red** | Violet** | Mother**

Color Powers/Hyper-Go-On: Laser | Drill | Rocket | Cube* | Hover* | Spikes* | Frenzy* | Burst** | Void** | Final Color Blaster

Locations: Earth | Moon | Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park | Bucket O'Sushi* | Options Satellite* | Egg Shuttle*

Zones: Tropical Resort | Sweet Mountain | Starlight Carnival | Planet Wisp | Aquarium Park | Asteroid Coaster | Terminal Velocity | Game Land

Bosses: Rotatatron | Globotron** | Captain Jelly | Frigate Orcan | Refreshinator | Drillinator** | Admiral Jelly | Frigate Skullian | Nega-Wisp Armor | Nega Mother-Wisp**

Moves/Techniques: Homing Attack | Spin Dash** | Sonic Boost | Combo Tricks* | Light Speed Dash* | Auto Running* |

ViViD SOUND X HYBRiD COLORS: Reach for the Stars | Speak with Your Heart

Other: Tractor Beam Generators | Mind Control Ray | Miles Electric | Red Star Ring | Trap Spring | Totem Pole | Blue Blocks | Blue Rings | Prisms | Optical Cable | Underground Pipe | Assist* | Egg Medal* | Virtual Hedgehog* | Slot machine*

Articles that have an "*" by its name appears exclusively on the Nintendo Wii version; Articles that have an "**" by its name appears exclusively on the Nintendo DS version.

So, by the looks of this template, it's quite huge. Anyway, with these new templates, we can only look through these and then we can find 'exactly what we need. See what I'm saying? With these templates, everything we need to search for will be only with one click instead of multiple to find the exact subject.

The bad side of these templates? Some templates such as the Wisp template might have to be removed from this wiki because almost all of the Wisps from that template appear in Sonic Colors, excluding the Indigo Wisp and its Color Power. Also, we shouldn't go overboard with these templates by putting one on every article it lists, such as the main characters like Sonic. As for games with tiny information on the wiki such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl we can put with the Olympic titles template.

Now for the fun part: I need ten supporters for this template. Half must be administrators, three must be rollbacks/chat mods, and the remaining can be regular users. Now, if you don't mind at all, please suggest your vote on this project.

Ten users have supported. The template movement will began in short times notice.


From the guy who like Shard the Metal Sonic,

BlueSpeeder (talk) 16:37, June 27, 2013 (UTC)