I was asked by Shadowunleashed13 here to do a review on the Nintendo 3DS version on Sonic Lost World. However, that's been nearly a month ago, as he stated that he wanted others to state their opinions on the game if they had the 3DS version. But, it will be a while before that happens, so I figured to go ahead and do the review.




Well, I figured I also do this section first, since it is, well, the most controversial aspect of the game itself: the gameplay. Gone is Sonic just automatically running when you move the analog stick; now the player has to press the R Button to basically run (while moving the analog stick, of course). Some fans find this a pain to do, but for me, I don't mind (although it can be a bit agitating, as when I go and play Pokemon X, I apparently walk and press the R Button.

Anyway, the newest move in Sonic Lost World is wait for it HARDCORE PARKOUR! It's a total lifesaver, especially if you're running and not paying attention to the area around you. Wall runs, the Somersault kick (the move which is probably were Parkour shines the brightest), and the wall climb totally remind me of a Super Mario Bros. video game.

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Mario? Sonic? SONIC IS STEALING MARIO'S MOVES? Yeah, when I thought of that, I didn't really mind it either. I mean, every platforming video game steals some ideas from Mario. I mean, just look at the Wisps. They are essentially Sonic's version of a Mario outfit. Do I believe this is a bad thing? Not necessarily, as long as they don't copy the plumber too much.

Insert Sonic Lost World. It's basically a Mario game with Sonic characters (not to mention a different plot ;D). But alas, I can't complain. Sonic was made to compete with Nintendo. Now look, Nintendo's influence has finally stabbed Sonic right in the knee. But, the controls work well (although I do wish that the button to activate the Wisps wasn't on the touch pad but instead an actual button) and gameplay hardly makes me infuriating. Oh wait, That last part of my sentence needs to be altered into "gameplay hardly makes me infuriating EXCEPT for Frozen Factory Zone Three." That level... Goodness.

Oh and the Special Stages are freaking difficult. Why do I say this? Because they use the gyro-sensor ability on the Nintendo 3DS. And plus, when I play Sonic Lost World, I play it during times when I'm either not to position to play at or when-I'm-at-home-playing-it-on-my-bed-during-the-middle-of-the-night-and-I-don't-want-to-get-up-because-I'll-wake-up-everyone-else-inside-my-house-type of scenario.


Now on to my favorite part, the PLOT! Quite honestly, I didn't think a plot could be better. I do like the actual "comedy" moments in the game (Sonic: "That was cool. Pun entirely intended", Frozen Factory) and the "crude" moments of the game, such as the Deadly Six mocking Eggman at the very same cutscene as the Sonic quote above. Although, the game shouldn't have gotten an Everyone 10+ ESRB rating. The only bad moments are the very cutscene I keep referencing to and basically the character Zor. Yeah, Zor... Goodness.

Some fans might complain about several things just "popping" up, such as the Wisps being at the Lost Hex already and Eggman controlling the Deadly Six. To answer the latter, read this issue published by Archie Comics. The former? I got nothing. I'm the type of fan that loves stories so seeing this makes a bit confused. However, you have to remember: what I believe Sega is doing is making Saturday-morning styled stories for the Sonic games. Do I think it's working? To quote M. Bison: "YES!... YES!".

I love the story of Sonic Lost World, but it could have been better, such as having the whole Roboticization-plotline with Tails being a bit more secretive (you know, not showing the cutscene where he gets robotized). Plus, what happen to the Deadly Six? DID THEY DIE?


Oh boy, here it comes. Levels have always been good in Sonic games, in my opinion. But I got to tell you, the more farther you get to the game, the harder it gets. Boy, this whole review could be about Frozen Factory Zone Three, Silent Forest Zone Two, Sky Road Zone One. Goodness, the levels are difficult. Windy Hill is your basic tutorial level, so no biggy on that level; Desert Ruins was somewhat difficult (darn sandworms!); Tropical Coast... I could care less; Frozen Factory is AMAZING (except for the third zone :P); Silent Forest is alright, but the third zone is not my kind of party; Sky Road has a bit of an interesting story (Zone One's music on the Wii U version has phenomenal music, so I was really anticipated on playing it. The minute I got on the stage, I heard the casino-stage music from Frozen Factory Zone Three on the Wii U version and I was disappointed.); and Lava Mountain was just a boss rush, none or less. I was disappointed with several of the level designs (Tropical Coast, for example), but only one level was the one I loved (that was, well if you didn't read it, Frozen Factory).

Oh, and the Special Stages? I already talked about it. I'm not repeating myself on that dreaded stage.

Final Note

To end of this review, I would like to finally score up my review rating. Quite honestly, I don't see why people hate this game so much. It's just another Sonic game, none or less. Call it the essential "black sheep" of Sonic, but whatever floats your boat. The final score of Sonic Lost World goes to 82% out of 100%. The plot was very good, the controls and gameplay were somewhat awesome, and the levels were most of the time TERRIBLE difficult, but I enjoyed every second of playing this game to heck.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and I thank you for your time for reading this.

BlueSpeeder (talk) 23:11, November 26, 2013 (UTC)