Okay i just got this game for christman despite what poeple have said about the game and i have to say that shattered crystal is not a bad game. now i cant compare it ro rise of lyrics cause 1 ive never played that game and i dont have a wii u.

I do have a few thing i wanna say though. i do kinda wish the dialouge scenes were better graphiclly and i wish they put a little bit more into shadow plot wise. i mean the least they could've done was maybe have Shadow the hedgehog realize that friends aren't so bad. So, all in all, on a scale of 1 to 10 i gaive it a 5 for more maybe. if they ever make sequals i hope (or am sure) theyll learn from thier mistakes of these games and make them better. Tell me what u guys think. no judeging

P:S: Oh and i also heard a rumor that half of the creaters of big red button left in the midde of creating the sonic boom games. soo