Ok so when i went to my grandmas house, i had brought along my 3 in sonic and the black knight figure along with all of my comics (love to read em) later that day when i went home, as i was putting my stuff away i noticed that i had misplaced excalibur (if you don't know what that is, it's sonics sword :D) So i looked in my moms truck, wasn't there. I called my nan and hased her if it was by her house, wasnt there. I imediatly went into a major crisis attack and started yelling all over the house! I was so upset.

For about half a week i went excaliburless :( soo sad! then my sister came running in the house saying look what she found! AND IT WAS EXCALIBUR!!!!!!!! XD X3 I was so happy that she found it i leaped for joy!