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  • Brony Sponge Penguin + Sonic

    Hello everypony! Today, I will be starting a long line of video game reviews, but today, I will be talking about the iOS App, Sonic Dash. In these reviews, I will be dividing it into a few pieces:




    Replay Value

    Overall Satisfaction

    Ok, let's get started with...

    There isn't much story, so it falls back, but it still has some bosses, so i'll give it credit for trying to come up with a story. 6/10

    This game is an endless runner, much like Temple Run and Rayman Jungle Run. The basic controls r swipe left or right to move, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to do some sort spin dash/boost. A little too basic, but makes the game fun to play. 8/10

    The graphics r great for an iOS game, but the great graphics make the game slow down, an…

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