• Buck5772


    November 29, 2013 by Buck5772

    I am woulf-girl and I love to ride my skate bord in the house with my sister dare devil lilly and we have fun. I have three dogs I yused to have 4 but Chloe died and now I have three and there names are Lady,Buck,Star and Star and Lady don't get along because two girls and one boy oboy so I have three sonic plushs and they are Knuckles and Super Sonic and Cream my sister dare devil lilly has Tails Amy and Sonic my other sister (cant say name) she is 14 so all she does is text I love to play Minecraft my two favriote people are Einshine and Skydoesminecraft they are awsome so go to and tipe ether Einshine or Skydoesminecraft or what you want to watch well that is all I havet to say so bye  =D

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