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February 10, 2011
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  • Bullet Francisco

    Go outside and pick up a stick of any kind. Now, imagine in your mind that the left side of the stick are the bad parts of this community (the parts that you have disdain for). Imagine in your mind that the right side of the stick are the good parts of this community (the parts that keep you from leaving this community, the parts of the community you enjoy). Break off the left side of the stick. There is still a left side. Break it off again. There is still a left side; there will always be a left side. This community will never be 'perfect'. It can, however, be good if we all look at the positive side of the community (the right side of the stick). If you spend all this time looking at the left side of the stick, you will never see the ri…

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  • Bullet Francisco

    The vast majority of the regular contributors of the Sonic News Network have already been here for many months (and in several cases, years). Having joined in early 2011, I have found that it is quite amazing how fast time passes by.

    In all of our lives at the Sonic News Network, there have been those moments that we look back fondly upon; the moments that have kept us editing. So, I ask you all to reminisce with me and to share with us some stories, edits, images, or even users that inspire a strong sense of nostalgia for you personally. I suppose I'll share a few of my own:

    • Second after . To sum up that image in an inside joke (with no means of offending Jake): "Because Shadow recolors make you real freakin' tough".
    • I can sum up so many m…
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  • Bullet Francisco

    Survey Results

    September 21, 2013 by Bullet Francisco

    Hey there everyone. A couple weeks back, I created a general survey for all Sonic News Network users to take. In total, 43 different users took the survey. The results have been collected and will be kept here for public reference and use. Thank you to all who took the time to fill out the survey. I appreciate it!


    -- 22:20, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Bullet Francisco

    Hello everyone. I recently created a "Sonic News Network Survey" that will help assess the opinions of the community. It seems that a lot of users are rather reserved when it comes to expressing their opinion about the site, so I created this survey.

    The survey is completely anonymous. I have no real method of differentiating your survey from others. This will help pry out the opinions from users who are rather cautious about sharing their opinion, and it allows you to contribute to the future of the Sonic News Network. Survey results will be posted for public reference in two weeks.

    This survey is not official, and will not directly dictate the future of the Sonic News Network. This is purely for informational purposes and will contribute sig…

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  • Bullet Francisco

    No one knows drama like we do.

    Dramatics and spattics.

    Disclaimer: This was meant to be a satirical parody of TNT. Please do not take this blog seriously. It's a joke. I do, however, believe that some users (not pointing fingers) need to be more lighthearted. Although we are indeed trying to be as professional as possible, you don't need to be so serious all the time. You also don't need to hold grudges over petty things. Talk our your problems civilly. Forgive and forget.

    Credits to SonicTheHedgehogDude for creating the image and Sacorguy79 for inspiration.

    -- 20:22, August 8, 2013 (UTC)

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