Hello everyone. I recently created a "Sonic News Network Survey" that will help assess the opinions of the community. It seems that a lot of users are rather reserved when it comes to expressing their opinion about the site, so I created this survey.

The survey is completely anonymous. I have no real method of differentiating your survey from others. This will help pry out the opinions from users who are rather cautious about sharing their opinion, and it allows you to contribute to the future of the Sonic News Network. Survey results will be posted for public reference in two weeks.

This survey is not official, and will not directly dictate the future of the Sonic News Network. This is purely for informational purposes and will contribute significantly to my personal opinion (and potentially yours) on site discussion threads in the future, and it will help us assess what needs to be done.

SURVEY CLOSED! Results: User blog:Bullet Francisco/Survey Results

Thank you for your input!