Knuckles: Yo, Silver! What's up? "starts flexing his muscles towards Silver"

Silver: Your muscular body is so sexy and attractive!

Knuckles: Hey, thanks man! Wanna touch me? "starts bouncing pecs"

Silver: Oh yeah baby! "starts rubbing his pecs"

Knuckles: Pretty hot, huh? Now for my manly biceps! "starts flexing his arms"

Silver: "starts rubbing his biceps" Your biceps are so warm and tender! "smooches Knuckles' bicep"

Knuckles: You know, your butt is pretty sexy! "slaps Silver's butt"

Silver: "blushes and blows a kiss"

Knuckles: Why don't you take a nap on my 6-pack abs and use my pecs as a pillow! "wink and grins at Silver"

Silver: "feints from Knux's manliness and lands on top on Knuckles' body"

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