The vast majority of the regular contributors of the Sonic News Network have already been here for many months (and in several cases, years). Having joined in early 2011, I have found that it is quite amazing how fast time passes by.

In all of our lives at the Sonic News Network, there have been those moments that we look back fondly upon; the moments that have kept us editing. So, I ask you all to reminisce with me and to share with us some stories, edits, images, or even users that inspire a strong sense of nostalgia for you personally. I suppose I'll share a few of my own:

  • Second after ~Flare, JaketheHedgehog was one of my first users I ever encountered on the Sonic News Network. We had exchanged messages via talk pages for months, and had gotten to know each other fairly well. To represent the earliest days of my time here at the Sonic News Network, only one image fits the ticket: File:Jake.jpg. To sum up that image in an inside joke (with no means of offending Jake): "Because Shadow recolors make you real freakin' tough".
  • I can sum up so many memories in just a few emoticons: 19px-Xat-angry.gif , Lolwut.png , 19px-Twitch.png , and Un.png (there are so many more, too). For those of you without a clue to where those infamous chat emoticons derived from, they were taken from Me and my some of my closest friends (including ~Flare, Jake, and DarkFuture frequented XAT to get to know each other better. Those emoticons were used most frequently. This was the pinnacle of my early days at the Sonic News Network; there are so many memories and laughs that were shared between us. So, next time you emoticon-abusers use any of the XAT emoticons, maybe you will stop to think of the deeper meaning behind their addition to the chat.
    • I can give an example of a fairly humorous moment shared between us during this time in a comic that ~Flare made. See User blog:~Flare/Jake's Fail.
  • I regret that I do not have any screenshots saved of the moment, but one of the fondest memories I have is from early 2012. To protest two laws that could potentially ruin the Internet as we know it, we followed Wikipedia and Bulbagarden's footsteps and "blacked out" for twenty-four hours. The users online at the time of the "black out" resorted to my sandbox wiki (Knuckles the Echidna Wiki) and used the chat feature there. The result was absolute insanity. In a night filled with unforgettable shenanigans, it was truly one of the more memorable events during my time at the Sonic News Network.

These are just some of many memorable moments I have had on the Sonic News Network. Now, I shine the spotlight onto you: What inspires a strong sense of nostalgia for you personally on the Sonic News Network?

--Bullet Francisco (talk) Contributions Editcount 23:49, November 11, 2013 (UTC)