Hello everyone! Today I am excited to present to you all my experiences at the 2015 Wizard World Comic Convention in Austin, Texas. Thanks to the generous folks of the Wikia Staff team, I was flown out to Austin to attend Wizard World as a member of the Superfan Crew and the Wikia Stars programs. At Wizard World I was able to partake in a slew of exciting events, including meeting the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson!

For the uninitiated, Wizard World is a company that produces several Comic Con and pop culture conventions across North America. Check out the Wizard World website for more information.

Top Five Moments

Wizard World Austin was an absolute blast! The celebrity guests, the cosplayers, and the panels were all amazing. It was a fantastic experience, and I cannot wait until my next Wizard World adventure. It was tough to narrow it down (attending Mike MacFarland and Charles Martinet's panel and meeting Carroll Spinney were fantastic), but here are just five of my favorite moments at Wizard World Austin:

Meeting the Zombie King, Arthur Suydam

On Friday I had the chance to meet the Zombie King, Arthur Suydam at the Austin Convention Center. For the uninitiated, Arthur Suydam is a legendary artist who rose to meteoric stardom after his work on the smash hit graphic novel series Marvel Zombies. Suydam's artwork has been displayed on the covers of several iconic comics such as Deadpool, Thor, and Black Panther.

I first had the opportunity to meet Mr. Suydam in a cab ride to the Austin Convention Center. We immediately hit it off and I later visited his panel on the show floor. Check out his artwork here!

The Show Floor Experience

The show floor experience at Wizard World Austin was a riot and made up the bulk of my time at the convention. The energy and atmosphere at the Austin Convention Center made the experience for me. There were so many interesting booths and cosplayers.

Meeting Fellow Wikians, SayuriDarling and FishTank

The convention itself was amazing, but being able to share that experience with other people made it truly unforgettable. I had the honor of meeting Riordan Wiki's SayuriDarling and American Horror Story Wiki's FishTank. They both made for great company and are two of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

The Costume Contest

Wizard World Austin closed with a bang! The folks at Wizard World hosted a costume contest for all the cosplayers, and it was truly fascinating to see all the fantastic cosplays.

Meeting Mike Tyson

My favorite moment at Wizard World Austin was having the opportunity to meet the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson! I was able to have a short chat with him, and he is truly an inspiring man.



  • Plan a schedule beforehand! Never go to a convention unprepared. If it's a Wizard World convention, you can check out their website for information on celebrity guests and panels. Ensuring that you will be able to experience the panels and meeting the celebrity guests is essential.
  • Book a hotel near the convention center! I cannot emphasize this enough. Wikia and Wizard World were awesome enough to hook us up with a hotel right around the corner from the Austin Convention Center, and it was extremely convenient. You'll definitely be purchasing a lot of merchandise from the convention, and being able to make a quick trip to the hotel saved me so much time and headaches!
  • Be a social butterfly! There are so many kind people at Wizard World Austin. Take photographs with the cosplayers (Remember that cosplay is not consent! Ask before you take a photo!), ask questions at the panels, etc.

Parting Thoughts

Wizard World Austin was a fantastic experience. I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks to Wikia and Wizard World for arranging my trip, particularly Brandon who worked hard to ensure that the trip was a success. Thanks to SayuriDarling and FishTank for making the journey unforgettable.

Check out the Wizard World website to find a convention near you!