There has been a lot of rumors of a season 4 of Sonic X after years since it ended. SEGA or maybe 4Kids Entertainment haven't confirm if there will be a Season 4. Many rumors have it this will happen in Season 4 (possibly) of Sonic X.


1. A rumor has it of Season 4 that Tails will get revenge on Sonic after destroying Cosmo. It is call, Prower's Revenge. (Bunnyboo50: I totally doubt this a lot because Tails is Sonic's best friend.)

2. A major rumor has it that after months Tails finds away to bring back Cosmo.

3. Characters from the games: Blaze, Silver, Marine, Elise, Chip, Iblis, etc will make an appearance in the fourth season.


Do you really think there even should be a Season 4 of Sonic X. There was a rumor on 2010 on a Youtube video that the fourth season of Sonic X will air in June 2010, but it turn out to be a rumor (Bunnyboo50: I couldn't believe I believed it, I guess of I was pretty naive to ever think of that.)

In September of 2010, a commerical was shown that a new season of Sonic X will air (Bunnyboo50: Again, I believed it) but it turn out to be just a rerun.


Should there be a new show to replace Sonic X? Sonic X was pretty popular on 4Kids. What do you think should Sonic X have a fourth season once and for all or a new show take its place?