Cake is a lie

aka That guy that's hated by many teachers.

  • I live in The USA.
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is I'm 14. -_-
  • Cake is a lie

    How would you guys feel if Maria was a hedgehog? I got this idea from SonicSong182.

    There's a picture.

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  • Cake is a lie

    Hello everyone! I'm here with a blog. Who's your favorite sonic character? Mine is Silver.

    1. You can only give one, and it has to your favorite out of all.
    2. Do not judge others on their opinions.
    3. You have to give details on why you like your favorite character.
    4. Have fun!
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  • Cake is a lie

    Well, it's kinda cool. It's nice to see a Sonic anime but it's unofficial. First, BlazeChance1 told me that he was going to put fan characters in it. I said, "Unless it's original, I don't care." BlazeChance1 said, "That was kinda rude. Besides, it's going to last one season." I said, "Good. I honestly don't like Anthony though. And the Sonic's shoe design, ugh. It's like you're trying to make a bad fanfic." BlazeChance1 said, "How about this? I'll make the shoe design like the Riders design with those green lights on the heel of the shoes with the sides from the Soap Shoes." I said, "Good but one problem. What's "Riders"?" BlazeChance1 facepalmed. I firgured it what Riders was. I pictured the shoe design in my head and I found it weird. P…

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