My thoughts in February

Well, it's kinda cool. It's nice to see a Sonic anime but it's unofficial. First, BlazeChance1 told me that he was going to put fan characters in it. I said, "Unless it's original, I don't care." BlazeChance1 said, "That was kinda rude. Besides, it's going to last one season." I said, "Good. I honestly don't like Anthony though. And the Sonic's shoe design, ugh. It's like you're trying to make a bad fanfic." BlazeChance1 said, "How about this? I'll make the shoe design like the Riders design with those green lights on the heel of the shoes with the sides from the Soap Shoes." I said, "Good but one problem. What's "Riders"?" BlazeChance1 facepalmed. I firgured it what Riders was. I pictured the shoe design in my head and I found it weird. Plus, I really hope that everyone DOES NOT get a new shoe design. Honestly, it's bad. Not Sonic X bad but it's worse than SatAM, AoSth, and Underground. Unless the concepts get better, I give it a 4.5 out of 10.

My thoughts now

Ok, I thought my thoughts above were really mean. BTW, the section above was from a document. I'm dead serious. I pictured the shoe design again, it looked better in my head. I thought about Anthony and I was thinking about him before he got the redesign. That changed my opinion. He was original, but, BlazeChance1 wanted me to ask Cesar if Anthony was original. I say, Yes. Anyway, my score now is 8.5 out of 10. The concepts Blaze showed me were better. I honestly think this series will get good reception. What am I saying? It will get great reception! I'm excited for the series! I really wish I could help though. Good night SNN even though it's 5:00 PM.