This is an unofficial but upcoming comic series mixing the world of Cesar (The real world) and Sonic's world. A crossing story between Cesar The Brawler (future series project) and Sonic the Hedgehog.


Dr. Eggman got exhausted and defeated by Sonic like most of the time. And he wished to find another powerful energy source. Then he watches the news and sees Cesar (Human Cesar) been congratulated for saving the town from a crisis. Then Eggman sees that Cesar used the power of the Cemayas. He tryed to get them but he realized he is far from the real world. So he builts a machine to bring Cesar to space along with the Cemayas but Eggman also had something in mind. He planned to tear the Earth apart again to get EggmanLand back. So he made Sonic to go to a mission to stop him. So did Cesar. Cesar saw Eggman but he didn't know who he was. But he smashed his giant robots and flew chasing him. Then Cesar is trapped and stuck. Then Eggman steals the energy of the Cemayas. And also using the Chaos Emeralds. But Cesar wasn't the only one catched. Sonic got trapped too like him. Eggman fired a huge laser and both the Earth and Mobius got broken apart into pieces. But then after that, there was a failure and Cesar and Sonic were suffering more. Then Sonic's DNA got inserted into Cesar and then Cesar randomly transformed into a ark blue hedgehog. Then he feels down. Eggman pushes the eject button on Cesar and he goes down to Mobius instead of Earth along with the Cemayas (in a weak energy). But Sonic just went Super Sonic and escaped from the based and landed on Angel Island. So then, Cesar the Hedgehog landed on Green Hill Zone and was seen very weak. And his left arm was bleeding. So then a hot pink hedgehog girl named Bailey the Hedgehog saw him and poked his nose to see if he was ok. Then he woke up and he saw her face. Then he said he was ok. But then he noticed that he got an aid on his left arm. But then Bailey puts him a bend on his arm. Then they started to meet each other and became friends.

More details soon.

Cesar the Brawler and the Hedgehog copia


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