The reason

Please read this carefully

The reason he will no longer exist is because I realized that he is stupid. He is the worst fan character in the whole community.

He does not deserve to exist anymore

Also I will stop drawing him and move on to do something different. He is just making me sick.

I mean, Cesar looks like Sonic and his color is close to him. So I might as well give up.

So I gotta say, thanks for loving him and thank you for liking him.

We will all remember Cesailey and CeSara and other stuff.

Goood bye Cesar the Hedgehog

You will be missed..................................

And one more thing:

=================================APRIL FOOOOOOOLS!!!!!============================

Haha you thought Cesar was gonna be gone? Hehehehhe Wrong

Cesar the Hedgehog is everything to me. He is like a son to me

Well Happy Aprils Everybody 16:25, April 1, 2012 (UTC)