Hey guys it's me Cesar and this is gonna be the last blog that I'll ever post here in this wiki.

As you can see the title of this blog, it means that I'll leave this wiki. The reason why is because I barely contribute over here and thus I don't visit this site too often. I really lost interest in editing the wiki to be honest. I got uninterested on editing Sonic articles. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm still a great fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. It's just that other videogame franchises have been added to my favorites and also by watching anime I was quite uninterested to contribute here. For now, I'm sorry guys that I'll leave this site forever but if I ever wanna find anything Sonic related, I'll try to make a visit to see any information about the blue blur's next game or next comic or anything. So starting from tomorrow, I'll no longer do anything here. I will not enter the chat, I will not edit anything, nothing. Today's my last day.

I was planning to leave this site a few days after my birthday (September 10th is my birthday) but I somehow decided to do that for this week.

And now a few farewells for some users here:

-MetalShadow272: My good man, you have been awesome through out this community. Not bestest of the community but a good friend. One thing that I liked about you is that you like/enjoy Disney and Cartoon Network's classics. I'll miss you man.

-Sacorguy79: Dude, I was quite surprised about you getting rights of adminship back then (and I still am). You have been doing a good job here in this wiki from what I have seen in the past days. Also you were a good and cool friend with me.

-Bullet Francisco: You were one great member here and you are still one. And I thank you for making me a rollback in the past (although I'm no longer a rollback). You were also one of the best contribuitors of the community of SNN. I'll miss you dude.

-Katrins: All though I'll still talk to you either deviantART or Facebook, I'll never forget on what we've done in this wiki the two of us. I had a lot of fun here with you. I don't need a farewell for you in this blog though.

-SpyroSonic2000: Although I don't know you that much, you were a nice friend so far. I had fun talking with you and speaking of anything.

-To all users in general: People, this will be my last day in this wiki. Some of you may contact me outside the wiki; probably deviantART, but I really feel sad for leaving you guys and the wiki itself. Besides, doing other things in life makes me feel great. I enjoy playing videogames, being with my girlfriend and draw. I will be recognized for being an artist, a rollback, a good friend, an editor, but most of all, I'll be recognized for being a member of the Sonic News Network. I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've done in the past. They are now faded memories.

Sayonora everybody. I'll miss most of you guys :')

Wait here's an update: I'll make a comeback on September 10th for my birthday and after that day I'll go back to leaving this wiki forever. Bye bye.