Yep, I converted 3D to 2D by using Paint.NET. I traced them in blue, then copied and pasted the 2-D outline in a new picture, then changed them to black, and added the colors and shading as if they were on Sonic X. I also traced a few sprites, too.

Amy Rose - Olympic Games 2012

Amy in her 2012 Olympics outfit. This was the first one I tried.

Amy Rose - Unleashed

This is Amy's pose from Sonic Unleashed. I got a little improved on that.

Blaze the Cat - Strength

This is Blaze's Sonic 2006 pose. Blaze was somehow a little tough, but I knew I got the hang of it.

Blaze the Cat - Zero Gravity

Blaze in her Extreme Riders Outfit. This was pretty easy, a good resemblence to 2-D.

Cream - Free Riders Frustration

Cream in her Extreme Riders Outfit. I modified the ears to resemble the ones from Sonic X. I did the same with her other poses in this outfit.

Amy Rose - Free Riders Confrontation

Amy in her Extreme Riders Outfit. She's pretty good to work on converting to 2-D. I even converted her other poses in this outfit of hers.

Cream and Cheese - Smashin' Brawlers

Cream and Cheese from the Super Smash Bros. trophy.

Amy Rose 2 - Sonic Advance

I traced this sprite of Amy from Sonic Advance. It's pretty quick than converting 3-D, but I don't care.

Tails 2 - Sonic Advance

Tails' pose from Sonic Advance. Picasso's great, but I'm not picky.

Tails 2 - Sonic Advance 2

Tails' falling pose from Sonic Advance 2. A little off model, I think, but you get used to it sometimes.