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  • Cherryapplestar

    Birthday Game

    October 10, 2012 by Cherryapplestar

    Yeah This Is My First Blog So...I Decided To Create This Game.Follow The Thingies So You Can See The Outcome On

    Whatever You Got(I Stink At Summeries)Hope You Have Fun,Please Comment On What You Got.Don't Get Angry If You Think It's Bad To Give Out Your Birthday.It's Not Like Your Giving Your Birth Certificate To Me.I Got Tikal Draws With You In Crutches Then Trips Over A Sandwhich.So I Hope You Guys Do This When You Have The Time☺

    This When Your Birthday Is:

    January:_______dances with you

    Febuary:_______purposes to you

    March:________slaps you

    April:_________eats with you

    May:_________does your hair

    June:_________flies with you

    July:_________stares at you

    August:_______goes shopping with you

    September:______draws with you

    October:_________waits for y…

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