Greetings,users of this website I am Optimus Prime. I am able to share something with you through this website. As you all maybe aware of hurricane Irene and how it hit Station Square. I am here to report the damages that were caused to the city. Skyscrapers were blown apart. The homes of the civilians were torn apart. Roads were ripped up. Various cars and trucks were turned over. Also,many innocent lives were lost. Half of the city's population was reduced. The other half was in shelter at the city's tallest skysrcaper. A quarter was injured. The rest had minor wounds. The people in shelter were in good hands. Sonic the Hedgehog was protecting them from harm. His friends were assisting him in every possible way. Blurr,a fellow autobot was also with the hedgehog. Mirage,Ratchet,Bumblebee,Sideswipe,and Chromia were patrolling the city just in case if there were still any citizens trapped under the debree from fallen structures. I am happily to say 5,000 people were found. I appreciate Sonic and his comrades for assistance. I am Optimus Prime and transmit this message to you user's of Sonic News Network,to warn you about how destructive weather can be.