Ok,I'm planing to make a fanfic that's a crossover beetween Sonic and Transformers. It's still in the planing stage though I'll update thic blog when I have more ideas for it.


An alien gem known as the Allspark is thrusted into space. When two robotic factions were at war with each other. The Allspark crashes in a jungle on a planet known as earth. The gem shattered into pieces due to the impact. Meanwhile a member of an ancient tribe finds the gems. The echinda gave the gem pieces to the leader of the tribe. When the leader touched all seven gems it gave him a super form. The leader wreaked havoc and chaos on the other tribes. He wanted power. But one day his grandfather the former leader told him a good leader does not desire to conquer but to protect. The leader took the words to heart and ordered to make a resting place for the gems that they called"Chaos Emeralds. In 2011 Sonic,Knuckles,Amy,and Tails are invited to banquet at City hall in Station Square. The gang was enjoying thier meal when all of a sudden,giant robots crash through

the walls and cause havoc. The robot then look at Knuckles they come charging at him. The echidna tries to punch one but it doesn't leave a dent. The robot leader comes up to Knuckles and asks where the Allspark is. This left Knuckles confused. Suddenly more robots come barging in. Sonic and the others back up to a corner as they watch robots fight. Sonic the notices a armadillo wearing black sunglasses and a black tuxedo shirt come up to them. He escorts them out of the the building into a black limousine.

Still more to come

Main Cast









Eggman Nega

Metal Sonic

Metal Knuckles

Mecha Sonic


Optimus Prime-Peter Cullen

Ironhide-Peter Cullen

Perceptor-Paul Eiding



Bumblebee-Mark Ryan(In flashbacks)

Bulkhead-Bill Fragerbake


Megatron-Frank Welker

Starscream-Jon Bailey aka jon3pnt0 from YouTube

Shockwave-Corey Burton

Soundwave-Frank Welker

Blitzwing-Bumper Robinson