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  • I live in Tampa
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is None yet, I plan on being a fantabulous comic and Cartoonist
  • I am Female
  • CleverFox101

    I feel sense I decided to Post my advertisement on this website, that i should go into a little more depth and explain what im doing.

    Im looking for Cameo Characters to place in my Comic Dreams and Disasters! I could make a hundred Fcs for my own comic but i thought it might be cool to get all the creative sides of the fanbase and stick them into a very fun, yet sad, exciting, emotional, Story that i have been working on for a while now.

    So, if you would like your Sonic character in my Comic then Please Go HERE and read alll of the information. You must, and have to, if you want to submit your character.

    To submit your character (after you have read through everything) Use the template I made, and fill out your characters information. Send That …

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  • CleverFox101

    Hello Friends!! As the title Syas im looking for SOnic characters to be placed in my Comic! If anyone is intrested please take a look at this link

    Read everything! Its important you do so! PM me if you have any questions ouo

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  • CleverFox101

    I wrote this a while ago because I was tired of seeing stupid fan fictions and stupid comment wars So I wrote this in a Rage X3 Its Old But, I'll re write it some time.

    Oh an if you see any bad Language Let me know and ill censor it.



    Alright this is going to be a mostly ShadAmy V.s. SonAmy but I will talk about others couples being related. First before I began please note I'm not judging you personally, this is my opinion, and I'm only displaying what I see in the fan base. So please do not take my opinions to any personal offense. Thank you .

    Well I have been wanting to do this for a while now, and well I'm finally doing it. Lets start Shall we.


    First off Non of these Couples are really Cannon, although Sega makes it se…

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  • CleverFox101

    I figured Id Post These Here sense Well It's Sonic /Warning These Are a bit Old(by a few months or so) so not Really good writing or explaining. Sense at the time I didn't know exactly what a Head Cannon Was XD

    In the game Sonic generation's Minnie Sonic never talked, but little Tails did. So I suddenly had this strange Idea. What if as a kid Sonic was deaf, and he never spoke because of this, but he could read lips. Sonic then relied on sight and touch, which some how makes sense considering his ears dont hurt after he does his famous Sonic boom. But as he grew his hearing started to come back a bit but mostly things were muffled, so Tails taught him how to speak fluently, and did experiment's to help his hearing improve. But Sonic mostly …

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  • CleverFox101

    A Question *edit*

    April 21, 2014 by CleverFox101
    • Edit*

    Okay when I wrote this I realized I didn't state my question fully, but also I realize that the comments were still helpful. Though I should still state my question fully. Okay here goes....

    As some of you said Rping wasn't aloud in the chat, But what about Forums? Would it still be aloud? (probably not but still worth asking I guess XD)

    Also another question, Would I be aloud to Post just an Idea or an Rp request in a blog, But have a link to another site that I(and the other user ) could possibly Rp on?

    Your Answers would be helpful Thank you very much ^^

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