I wrote this a while ago because I was tired of seeing stupid fan fictions and stupid comment wars So I wrote this in a Rage X3 Its Old But, I'll re write it some time.

Oh an if you see any bad Language Let me know and ill censor it.



Alright this is going to be a mostly ShadAmy V.s. SonAmy but I will talk about others couples being related. First before I began please note I'm not judging you personally, this is my opinion, and I'm only displaying what I see in the fan base. So please do not take my opinions to any personal offense. Thank you .

Well I have been wanting to do this for a while now, and well I'm finally doing it. Lets start Shall we.


First off Non of these Couples are really Cannon, although Sega makes it seem that way, only to please the fan base. Lets talk about the personality's of these three Hedgehogs. Well start with our Blue hero.

1. Sonic the hedgehog-

Sonic is a fast running hedgehog that can run faster than the speed of sound, he is the hero, a lover, a fighter, and enjoy's having his friends around. He cares about the world and will do anything for anyone or anything in need of help. Even Doctor Eggman. He loves to run run run run run. He eats chilidogs on a daily basis to, make sure he has enough energy to run around all day long. He'll always be there for his friends in anytime of need. (well of course XD)

2. Amy Rose-

A sweet Fun little pink hedgehog she is. Like sonic, shell do anything to protect the world an her friends. She loves just about anything and has a bright loving smile on her face that will always make you happy when your down. She loves nature and her friends, and has had a crush on Sonic, ever sense she was introduced into the saga. She never seems to be away from him or his friends, and you might say she is a stalker, but no Amy is just a Romantic girl looking for that special someone. Also she can kick A** like A boss! Don't Fudge with Amy Rose or her friends! *shades* XD

3.Shadow the Hedgehog.

This Guy. He's just blunt and strait to the point. When he was first introduced in SA2 he was first perceived as the Villain working with Doctor Eggman, but as you began to see the character a little more, you see Shadow is just a broken spirit. He now is referred as the Anti hero. He will do anything to protect Earth and Fulfill Maria's wish, he's very violent and has made threats to people, and yes will kill someone to keep Maria's wish (he wont kill a human being though unless.... you know otherwise.) Shadow is tough strong and all though he doesn't admit it sonic is a good friend of his and will always have his back in the time of need. On the outside he may be as hard as a rock but we all know that he has good intentions.

Lets Start with SonAmy, Now please note I am A ShadAmy Fan, but I will not bash SonAmy fans (only the fanbrats XD).

SonAmy is a cute Couple, But for all you sonamy fanbrats out there.... It will NEVER be Cannon! (Nether will be Shad Amy). Why you ask? Well let me Explain.

See SonAmy is a cute couple for the fan base, but it will never be cannon, nor is it a 'perfect' Couple. See it has Nothing to do with: Pink and Blue, Boy Blue, Girl Pink. = OMG THERE A FRIGGIN BUEATIFUL COUPLE ALL THE THINGS IN THE GAME SO PERF SONAMYFOREVER BECASUE I WATCHED SONIC X!!


Your Really going to base a Couple off of the so called 'Little hints' Sega throws out there for us fans? Besides we All know that Sonic X was just..... bad. The main Couples for the series was SonAmy and Shadouge, (not actually but those were the 'little hints' the creators threw out there.) Okay let me Explain Something about Sonic X. Sonic X is a spin off of SA and SA2. Its is nowhere near cannon to the actual Sonic series.

Amy's Crush with Sonic is cute, but it doesnt mean 'THERE IN LOVE'! No... just... no. Alright enough with Bashing the Fanbrats I don't wanna get killed ;W;

All right let me say something that is not related to Sonic In Anyway. Even if the creators said Sonic was in love With Amy Rose, He would still an never date her. Its like a Spiderman and Mary Jane, Spiderman loves Mary Jane but he doesn't want to get into a relation ship with her because of potential enemy's, and doesn't want her to get hurt or in danger. (Yeah that has nothing to do with Sonic I know) Sonic may possibly like Amy. She's the first girl he knew, when she was introduced. But still they would never be a couple, because of the Spiderman and Mary Jane example. Sonic doesn't want to get his friends hurt, so he distance his self from Amy. Villains, it is a known fact, they will always go after the hero's girl. Because they can get to them emotionally, trick them, and end up destroying everything because the Villain got to the Hero Emotionally. There fore (Finally getting to my main point ) Sonic will always's distance himself from Amy to the 'Friend Zone' To protect her from potential harm.

Also just because Sonic stutters every time he sees her in the same place, is because he's Surprised she knew where he was. That would be surprising if my Best home fry, ended up in the same place as me. I'd freak the freak out XD. Amy and Sonic are just friends and always will be. Besides I have story ideas I dont want to spoil them for you. Just Know my main point is SonAmy will never ever be cannon. Never Ever! But I will admit I like a little SonAmy every now and then but sometimes the Fan base kinda ruins it for me. It happens with ShadAmy too. ;W;

Now On to ShadAmy,

Alright I am a ShadAmy fan here and this is why I think this couple is Cannon. Well More Cannon than SonAmy but Sega has never said anything that ShadAmy is Cannon, so..... its not.

But here's why I think it might be (Also I'm going to bash the Shad Amy fanbrats a bit)

First something I want to get off my chest.... SHADOW IS NOT FUDGEING EMO SO STOP IT WITH THE EMO FANFICS GUY'S!! And also AMY IS NOT A B***** BOSSY STALKER!! AND SONIC WOULD NEVER KILL AMY AND THEN HIMSELF!! NOR WOULD AMY SMASH HIM WITH A SPIKED HAMMER, AND SHADOW SAY HE ALWAYS WANTED TO KILL HIM AND THANK HER FOR IT!! FUDGE NO!! COME ON GUY'S THATS SO OUT OF Flipping CHARACTER!! And you do realize if Sonic ever Died the world would be in Jeopardy? -_________- Nice job fanfictions -___________-

Alright enough with the Bashing. Now onto the main point.

No Amy is Not a Clone of Maria, but they do have some of the same view points and even at there young age are innocent and somewhat wise about society from what they've been exposed to. Shadow has a broken heart and who else would be there to pick up the pieces and place it back together, other than some one who see the world as Maria Did. Now Shadow and Amy are complete opposites. But that's what makes them more of a relatable couple. Opposites attract. Shadow is Dark, he's Basically a broken soul, and basically a Depressed Train Wreck. Shadow misses Maria with all his heart even though he wont be able to get her back, he will still fight for what she believed in. Amy is light. She's free Happy, innocent, wise, and always Smiling. She has very powerful emotions on others and I shall explain that later. Think of it as yin and Yang. Without light there would be no darkness, and without Darkness there would be no light. They are a perfect Balance with each other.

SA2 was Basically Shadow's main Game everyone knows him from, other than Shadow the hedgehog. During the game Shadow is on the mission collecting all Seven Chaos Emeralds for Doctor Eggman, as we all know. Shadow wanted to destroy the world thinking that was Maria's Wish was to Destroy the world and get revenge on her death. But thankfully it was not. In the game Shadow had been Having frequent Memory relapses as his mind started to retrieve bits and pieces of his past. Everyone had been mistaking him for sonic which he found amusing, (oh yeah you all know I'm bringing this up) And when Amy first meet him She mistook him for Sonic and embraced him. Shadow did no means to push her off of him nor did he say anything. You couldnt really see his face but I guess you can say he was probably a bit shocked. Like I said he had been seeing memory's of Maria, so maybe (and this is just my theory) He was having a memory of Maria, hugging him or something. Still it probably felt good. I mean common, you wake up from Cronic sleep for fifty years and someone is demanding you do this for them immediately. I'd want a hug to if I woke up from my past nightmares. He never even said anything to her, he just looked at her. Then She realized it wasnt him and Yaddah yaddah yaddah.

Anyway now we move onto the last scene of SA2 before the big battle with the biolizard (oh YEAH I'm bringing up this scene to! XD)

Amy of course is being whiny because she wants to help out but her friends left her behind. Out of protection I assume. So she see's Shadow and decides to convince him to change his mind. It only took her a few sentences to trigger his memory of Maria's "True wish And she's the only one who's seen him shed a tear. Of course she was surprised to see him crying, and he said he was going to keep his promise to Maria And You. where his words and of course ran off to fight the giant lizard.

During the whole game Rouge, Sonic, and Even Doctor Eggman (A bit), even gave little hints maybe it wasnt Maria's Wish to take revenge. Remember Rouge was only in this for the Chaos Emeralds, she had no intention to blow up Earth. Everyone who tried to convince him failed. If it wasnt for Amy Rose, The planet would have been destroyed (and we would have all been dead O_________O)

A there past goes They have a strong bond between them, as you can see. And Shadow needs someone like Amy to help him through his phase of Forever Mourning.

Now Unfortunately there not cannon So..... Ouch.

Shad Amy overrules SonAmy for the very reason, Because Sonic will always Friend Zone her, but perhaps Shadow will show her something more in the near future. So FanBrats, Gals and Guys of all ages, tone it down with the SonAmyShad wars. I find it stupid for you, and Even when your older than a fourteen year old, To yell out outlandish things in the comments about why your OTP is so much better than My OTP. Its only an opinion, and it makes you look stupid to cuss out the younger Sonic Fans. For real guy's.

Everyone has there own opinions of why this couple is better, and what not. Every couple is pretty cute, but I just like some more than others. Okay. And I have reasons and you have yours. So please guy's tone it down a bit. State your arguments, but for Chaos Sake people be reasonable and Mature.

Anyway My opinions, and if you dont like it oh well. If I see a an Unmature comments below stating your opposing argument I will Block you. I wont Tolerate the Bulls**t. Thanks for reading and have a nice day ouo